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The well-being of our Tutor Fellows is a high priority for our organization. In order to maximize the time we have with each Tutor Fellow, Elevate Tutoring provides career assistance, academic support, mental health services, and additional resources to those who need it. We encourage all Tutor Fellows to take advantage of these resources both during and after their time in our program.

Career Guidance & Professional Development Workshops

Elevate Tutoring hosts annual Professional Development Workshops

  • Personal Branding

    • A resume is only one component of your personal marketing. At this workshop, you’ll have an opportunity to construct a strategic brand for yourself to ease networking, applications, and interviews! This will help you to establish your core values, strengths, personality, and image. 

  • Resumes/Cover Letters and Tutor Fellow Alum Panel

    • Learn tips and tricks for creating an effective resume and hear from a panel of Tutor Fellow alumni about their experiences entering the workforce. Feel free to send us your resume afterwards for edits, feedback, etc.

  • Mock Interviews

    • Practice your interview skills with professionals from a variety of fields. There will be time to network and pick the brains of our volunteer interviewers about the industry or profession that they work in.


On top of the workshops, Elevate Tutoring staff and our Board of Directors are able to provide career, academic, and networking advice to any Tutor Fellow who needs it. Check our upcoming workshops! 

Mental Health/Wellness Services

  • Bi-annual wellness workshops

    • At the end of each fall and spring semester, Elevate hosts wellness workshops that give each Tutor Fellow the chance to reflect on their mental/emotional health during a busy and stressful time.

  • Referrals to outside, long-term, free, and low-cost therapy through our counseling partners

  • Mental health leave/flexible scheduling 

  • Compassionate case management

Additional Resources

In addition to the scholarship, Elevate Tutoring has cultivated lists of FREE/Low Cost Resources in San Jose as well as FREE/Low Cost Resources in East Bay. If you would like a referral or need help addressing an issue, please contact Elevate staff at We are more than happy to connect our Tutor Fellows to these much needed services and opportunities.

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