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Mission and Vision


Elevate empowers low-income students through an innovative pay-it-forward model. We train and support our first-generation college fellows who provide near-peer tutoring that inspires younger students to follow in their footsteps to academic and career success.


Our vision is a world where everyone has access to high-quality education that helps unlock a path towards social mobility.

We Believe In


The Potential of All Students

Elevate believes that educational disparities are not reflective of intrinsic aptitude, but the culmination of years of underinvestment. We use high-quality, representation-focused, tutoring to provide students at all stages of learning with the support they need to succeed in and out of the classroom. 


The Power of Human Connection

Elevate believes that authentic human connections, not technology, are the root of learning and development. We focus on finding amazing people to tutor, mentor, and act as role-models for the next generation.


The Value of Paying-It-Forward

Elevate believes that volunteerism, in any form, promotes social-consciousness, a sense of purpose, and self-confidence. Serving others supports individuals, the community, and yourself. 

See our work in action

Elevate's Fellowship Program has been built over the course of over 10 years of constant learning and iteration.

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program and program model.

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