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The issue we're tackling

Education should be a great social equalizer. Today, education too often accelerates existing divisions.

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1 in 10

high school students whose parents did not graduate high school are proficient in math.

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6 in 10

high school students whose parents have graduate degrees are proficient in math.

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of low-income, first-generation college students graduate within 6 years of enrolling.

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of non-low-income, and non-first-generation students graduate within 6 years of enrolling.

The fabric of our society is held together by the promise of the American Dream - the belief that upward mobility is attainable for everyone through their own actions. This promise has established America as the “land of opportunity” and a beacon of hope across the world.

The reality today is that much of the opportunity a person is afforded in life is determined, not by their effort, but rather, by their birth. Those born into wealthy, well-educated families are afforded immense opportunity. However, for those born into economically disadvantaged families, or families without educational backgrounds, opportunity can be scarce to come by.

At Elevate, we believe these disparities of opportunity are not reflective of intrinsic aptitude or determination, but the culmination of years of underinvestment. We believe there are thousands of students with the potential to excel. They just need a helping hand to level the playing field.

Elevate's Fellowship Program aims to be this helping hand. Our distinctive, service-learning model empowers underserved students to recognize their potential, overcome barriers, and chart a path to a brighter future.

Elevate's Fellowship Program is built off of the idea of volunteerism - and the belief that helping others is one of the most potent ways to help yourself.

That's why, in addition to providing our fellows with a scholarship, mentorship, and support, we require them to volunteer. Each Elevate Fellow spends more than 150 hours volunteering at underserved K-12 schools.

This approach is unique to Elevate, and has a 12-year track record of driving impressive results.

Program Goals: Our Tutor Fellows


Reduced Levels of Financial Stress and Greater Financial Stability

Our $7,500 scholarship, along with coaching on financial literacy and management, helps our tutor fellows get on a path to greater financial stability in their lives.

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Improved Academic Performance and Graduation

The lessons that our tutor fellows learn during our training and professional development help them excel in their studies to earn a higher GPA. Our support also ensures every tutor fellow stays on track to graduate on time.

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Finding a Strong Job After Graduation

College is not just about getting a diploma. It's about expanding the long-term career prospects and economic mobility of our tutor fellows. We're committed to helping each tutor fellow find a strong job after college, or to pursue graduate studies.

Program Goals: Our Tutees


Improved STEM grades and STEM Confidence

Our high-quality tutors are designed to help students improve their STEM performance and get back on track with grade-level expectations. Not only do we work to improve grades, but we work to inspire students' STEM confidence, so they can be successful on their own.

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Developing a growth mindset and commitment to improving themselves

A cornerstone of Elevate's work is showing young people that growth and achievement are always possible through hard work. We use targeted coaching strategies to help our tutees develop a growth mindset.

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Developing a college-going mindset

For many of the tutees we work with, they lack a role-model who has made it to, or through, college. We train our tutor fellows to be this role-model and to inspire the students they work with to strive for college.


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