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Elevate provides free STEM tutoring through partnerships with local schools and organizations who welcome Elevate Tutor Fellows into their classrooms weekly to provide free tutoring to financially in-need students. Elevate Tutor Fellows are able to support classrooms, office hours, after school programs, and private 1:1 tutoring opportunities at our partner sites.

Elevate Tutoring targets partnerships with schools and organizations who work with a student population of at least 75% socioeconomically disadvantaged (SED) students. We place our Tutor Fellows with in-need students who will benefit from the experience of learning and receiving STEM tutoring from Tutor Fellows who represent similar ethnic, socioeconomic, and social communities.

Additionally, we provide less formal referral partnership opportunities. If you want to refer middle and high school students for 1:1 tutoring or recommend Tutor Fellow applicants for our program, we can establish a referral partnership to track any student tutoring hours or applicants received.

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