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Request Free Private Tutoring

If you or someone you know (your child, student, etc.) are in need of STEM tutoring, Elevate Tutoring may be able to provide free tutoring for you.

How to Request Free Private STEM Tutoring

As part of the Tutor Training Program, our Tutors each provide two hours of free math and/or science tutoring per week to financially in-need middle and high school students in the Bay Area.

Step 1: Confirm Eligibility

Elevate Tutoring provides support to financially disadvantaged individuals/families. When applying, please be prepared to explain why you or your student qualifies. Reasons may include family income is below the county median level, student qualifies for free/reduced lunch, etc.

Step 2: Complete Free Tutoring Application Form

You must complete and submit the form online through the link below. Email us at with any questions.

Free Tutoring Application Form

Step 3: Notification of Eligibility & Next Steps

Our Program Manager will reach out via email with information regarding eligibility and begin the process of setting up tutoring sessions.

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