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 Elevate's Fellowship Program 


The Elevate Fellowship Program is an part-time, 18-month program that supports low-income and/or first-generation college students throughout their college experience and helps them to accelerate their careers. As an Elevate Fellow, you will volunteer as a STEM tutor at a local K-12 school. Along the way, you'll develop your professional skills, earn a $7,500 scholarship, and join a passionate community focused of students, alumni, and partners dedicated to building a brighter future. 

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Application Process

While you can apply at any time, there are two main application deadlines (exact dates are determined a few weeks before each cycle and listed below). Application deadlines will be followed by interviews, reference checks, and selections. Selected Fall candidates will start training in August while selected Spring candidates will start training in January.

You are eligible if:
  • Are enrolled in an undergraduate program with a graduation date of May 2024 or later.
  • Are able to attend training and tutoring during the school year in the South Bay Area (in San Jose or Santa Clara) or in the East Bay (Oakland).
  • Have significant financial need that is not currently met by financial aid.
  • Are able to commit to 6 hours per week or more of tutoring/training during the academic year, including some evenings.
  • Have strong social-emotional skills.
  • Have a passion for giving back to your community.
You are ineligible if:
  • You are graduating in or prior to December 2023.
  • You live outside of the South & East Bay Area.
  • Your family’s income is above the median income of Santa Clara and Alameda Counties.

Fellowship Details

Students accepted into the program will receive $7,500 in fellowship funds and will work to develop and improve their tutoring skills throughout their time in the program. Tutor Fellows will also gain access to our professional and personal development resources. Tutor Fellows will have the unique opportunity to be a mentor and role model for in-need middle and high school students.

Tutor Fellows receive funds through their school’s financial aid department. Funds can be requested as they are accrued. All funds must be used for educational purposes (housing, food, etc. are included).

  • Students accepted to the program will:

    • Earn $7,500 in fellowship funds

    • Complete 60 hours of tutor training & professional development

    • Provide 150 hours of free STEM tutoring

Important Dates

June 25th: Application Deadline
July 7th: Candidates Notified For Interview Stage
July 9th: Due date for interviewees to confirm availability and interview schedule
July 10-21st: Interviews Held
July 26th: Selections Made
Early August: Bootcamp Training Begins
September: Tutoring & Weekly Training Sessions Begin
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