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2023-2024 Cohort


Agustin Aguilar

My name is Agustin Aguilar and I am a Computer Engineering student at SJSU. I became a tutor to show students the wonders of finding a passion. I would like to add that I hope to find an engineering job that pushes my knowledge and skills everyday.


Alex Mai

Hello, my name is Alex and I am a biochemistry student at Mission College! I love researching hormones and fitness. I hope to someday research hormones in regards to recovery, and development of the physical body, and to surpass our current limits! I joined Elevate because I want to be able to help and role model for the next generation. My hobbies include personal training my friends and family in the gym and exploring the outdoors whether it is in the city or nature.


Andrea Montoya

Hello, My name is Andrea Montoya, and I am a freshman at Evergreen Valley College. I am a first-generation student, and I am currently on the pre-nursing track at Evergreen to be able to transfer to a nursing program. My career goal is to become a pediatric nurse and then specialize in different pediatric specialties, like a pediatric surgical RN. As a nurse, I hope to be able to help and support many families during difficult times and to represent the Hispanic community in a competitive workplace like healthcare. I joined Elevate to be able to help students learn and grow their interest in STEM, as well as motivate them to succeed and achieve their goals.


Ani Tutunjyan

Hi, My name is Ani Bacilio-Olivera, I am a second-year student at UC Berkeley majoring in Civil Engineering. I was born in Salinas, California, and raised in Greenfield, CA. I moved to Oaxaca, Mexico when I was one and came back at 9 years old. I am the oldest and first in my family to attend college. My parents are my biggest motivation since they work so hard in agriculture under the sun to give us a life they never had. I joined Elevate because in school I had a teacher who stayed after school just to help me learn English so I want to be that person to be able to help another student succeed. My life dream is to graduate and later obtain my master’s degree. I want to be able to help my parents financially and help my community in any way I can.


Annie Nguyen

Hi, I’m Annie Nguyen and I am a fourth year at San José State University majoring in Public Health with a concentration in Population Data Science and a minor in Business. I an Vietnamese American and I am a first generation college student. I joined Elevate because I understand the importance of education and how having someone who supports you in your education, like an Elevate tutor, can be crucial in a student’s success. As an Elevate tutor, I want be able to help my community and provide valuable guidance and support to students.


Arisay Martinez

Hello! My name is Arisay Martinez and I am a 3rd year Legal Studies Major and Education minor at UC Berkeley. I am a first generation Mexican- American from LA. Growing up in the public education system I have experienced the many barriers that restricts us from pursuing a higher education. However, my younger brother and I are both attending the #1 public university, we are a testament that with muchas ganas and supportive mentors we can make it. I joined Elevate because as an older sister, I have eagerly paved the way for my younger siblings and I hope to do the same with other students. I aspire to one day become a successful immigration lawyer, to aid and be a resource for the community that has sacrificed so much to be here.


Armando Jacinto Marrufo

Hello everyone my name is Armando Jacinto Marrufo, I lived in Mexico for about twelve years and the school I am attending right now is mission college, my major is civil engineering, my reason for being in elevate is to help high schools students to reach their goals on being successful in life, my life dream is to transfer to UC Berkeley.


Beleny Quiroz

Hello!! My name is Beleny Quiroz; I am a second-year student at Santa Clara University. I am majoring in computer science and would like to graduate and join the workforce. I joined Elevate because my friend told me of this opportunity when she found out I volunteer to tutor children in the Abriendo Puertas program. A fun fact about me is that I have a dog named Bonbon and like to crochet


Bella Chavez Jackson

Hello, my name is Bella and I use she/her pronouns. I’m a Bay Area native studying computer science at Berkeley City College. This is my second year out of three, and I’m hoping to transfer to a UC or CSU after getting my associates in mathematics. I had always been interested in STEM, but believed that my struggles in math meant it wasn’t the path for me. It was through the help of tutoring from a program in middle school that I gained the skills and confidence in myself for math, which opened up a new world of opportunities for me. Without that support, I never would have gotten this far in my journey. I joined Elevate because I want to give the next generation the same support that helped me succeed.


Bianca Vail

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Carlos Cardoza

Hello there, I'm Carlos, a senior at SJSU majoring in Kinesiology with a concentration in Preparation for Teaching. I aspire to teach Physical Education in either middle or high school, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to develop my skills as a future educator through Elevate. Joining this organization allows me to give back to my community and serve as a positive role model, particularly for students facing challenges like those I experienced as a DACA, first-generation college student. I believe in demonstrating that higher education and a fulfilling career are attainable with hard work and perseverance. On a lighter note, I've gone skydiving, and one of my life dreams is to travel around the Mediterranean, walking the streets that Jesus walked in Israel.


Christian Mendoza Martinez

Hi, my name is Christian Mendoza. I joined Elevate because I believe that everyone should have the chance to succeed. I’m a first gen immigrant who immigrated here when I was a baby and watching my parents taught me how we all don’t all don’t have the same chances and opportunities, but thanks to Elevate tutoring and other services we can help where we can. I’m currently in my final semester of university where I will receive my undergraduate degree in Psychology. I’m working with not only Elevate tutoring, but also LEAF, and as a behavior therapist for children with autism. I’m honored to be part of a program such as Elevate where we can help mold and develop the future generation.


Cindy Rios Recio

Hi! My name is Cindy Rios Recio and I am a second-year student attending San Jose State University. I was pursuing Computer Science, but have made a switch and hope to become a future Registered Nurse. I joined Elevate because I wanted to give back to my community. Growing up I had access to free tutors whether it was at a community center or an after school program, and I always looked up to the tutors because many of them looked like me, which set an example for higher education. During my high school years, I spent most summer giving back as a tutor to younger kids at the same programs I would attend. Joining Elevate was my way to get back into tutoring and giving back.


Cuitlahuac Ramirez Borrego

Hello! My name is Cuitlahuac Ramirez Borrego and I'm a first-year student attending Santa Clara University. I’m currently undeclared in the College of Arts and Science, but I plan on declaring and pursuing Computer Science as my major. During high school, I had Elevate tutor fellows come to my STEM classes and help students struggling with math, especially English Language Learners. Once I graduated, I joined Elevate Tutoring because it provided me with the opportunity to return to my high school and continue providing the support tutors had in the past, as well as helping me with my college financials. Outside of Elevate, I spend most of my time listening to and playing music, participating as a board member of my charter high school, and procrastinating on homework.


Emily Pina Deltoro

Hello Team, my name is Emily Pina Deltoro and I am a sophomore at San Jose State University majoring in Psychology. I joined Elevate because I want to give back to my community and be a proud example to the students that we can receive higher education to reach our goals. Starting to network as a way to place myself in the field of working with kids. Some fun facts about me are: I love to color and paint, and go on walks with my dog Luna.


Erick Lopez

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Fouz Abdellatif

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Gordon (Jiawu) Xie

Hello everyone! My name is Gordon Xie and I am a senior at UC Berkeley majoring in Molecular Cell Biology with an emphasis in Biomedical Sciences. My dreams are to become a medical doctor. I plan to serve underrepresented communities around the Bay Area and eventually run my own practice one day. However, these dreams were not built by myself and were constructed on the shoulders of lessons bestowed upon me by mentors and tutors. To pay it forward, I wanted to become an Elevate tutor to impart some of the lessons that were passed down to me.


Gyssell Perez

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Harrison Cho

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Helmi Abdellatif

Hey, My name is Helmi Abdellatif. I am currently a junior at Uc Berkeley studying Nutritional Science and Metabolism with a focus in physiology. My goal is to become a certified Athletic Trainer. I joined Elevate to help the youth that’s in my community, especially newcomers. Elevate is also a great way for me to pay for my education by also giving back.


Jaenne Mendoza

Hello! My name is Jaeanne Mendoza and I am currently a 3rd year attending Santa Clara majoring in Public Health and Political Science. I was born in Santa Clara, California and lived in the Philippines for the first 5 years of my life. I returned to the U.S. when I was 5 years old only speaking Tagalog and Ilocano. I learned English through American entertainment shows and my grandma’s help. I am a first generation Filipina American and college student. I am very passionate about helping minority communities in hopes to offer future generations opportunities. I joined the Elevate Team because of their mission in providing equity in education. I hope to alleviate educational struggles within marginalized communities with my time in Elevate.


Jahir De Los Santos

Hello! My name is Jahir De Los Santos, and I am in my second year at Santa Clara University majoring in Economics and minoring in Management Information Systems and Spanish. As a first-generation college student, I have been extremely fortunate to be where I am thanks to help from mentors and teachers. That is why I joined Elevate. I really resonate with their mission and values and hope to be able to contribute a little to this amazing organization by fostering a positive and supportive learning environment. My goal is to not only excel academically but also to serve as a beacon of inspiration for future generations, particularly within the Latino community. I am determined to leverage every opportunity available to me to pave the way for others like me, ultimately striving to uplift and encourage greater Latino representation in higher education. On a personal note, my ultimate dream is to one day provide for my hardworking parents and retire them with the comfort and security they deserve. Witnessing their unwavering dedication has fueled my drive to succeed. Aside from academics, when I am not in a classroom, I enjoy playing/watching soccer, weighlighting, running, and listening to music (hip-hop/urban spanish).


Jasmin Lechuga Carrasco

Hello everyone! My name is Jasmin Lechuga Carrasco. I am a first-generation Latina student determined to make a positive change to help first-generation students who experience the detrimental effects of lack of equity in education in low-income neighborhoods. I am a sophomore currently majoring in Management Information Systems and minoring in International Business. I plan on giving back to my loving “gente”, and being part of Elevate is a start to that journey.


Jesse Vargas

Hi, my name is Jesse Enrique Vargas. I am a first-generation 3rd year college student at Santa Clara University. I am currently studying Biology and Philosophy and am on the Pre-med track. As of right now, I am pursuing a career as a Pediatrician. Growing up, I had to teach myself a lot when it came to schoolwork because no one in my family was able to. My goal with Elevate is to be able to help students who are in a similar situation and help promote their learning. I’ve always had a passion for tutoring, which I’ve done throughout high school for AVID and Spanish, and I am excited to continue tutoring with Elevate now that I am in college to continue giving back to the community by helping students succeed in school.


Jose Roman Madrigal

Hello, my name is Jose Roman. I am currently attending San Jose State University as an Electrical Engineering Major. I am on my junior year, so while my graduation is getting closer, I don’t plan to stop at my Bachelor’s. My goal is to get a master's in electrical engineering. I already pushed my family education boundaries with a high school diploma, but I will do it two more times with my Bachelor’s and Master’s. I come from a small Pueblo in Cheran Michoacán, Mexico where education is not a priority due to the urgency of other hardships. My parents did not wish for me to grow up in difficult environment so at the age of 2 we left our hometown and arrived in San Jose California. Thanks to the support of my parents and many teachers, they were able to nurture my curiosity for electronics, which lead me to pursue engineering.


Josue Hernandez-Perez

Hi, my name is Josue Hernandez-Perez, and I am a current junior at Santa Clara University majoring in Environmental Science. I hope to one day help out in the agricultural industry to ensure that the produce that is grown in a sustainable and organic way. From this, I hope to help underprivileged communities that face food insecurities have easier access to these foods and allow for the public health of these people to hopefully no longer be at risk. As someone who is a first-generation and Latino student, I want to help push others within the Bay Area to feel as though they can do great things in life. I want to help spur growth within the community to demonstrate that the impossible is truly possible to do and that nothing should stand in the way of their academic success. I joined Elevate to help with this goal and also wanted to immerse myself more in the Bay Area community to learn more about the challenges that are faced every day.

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Juan Carlos Camarillo Martinez

Hello my name is Juan Carlos Camarillo Martinez and I am an undergraduate student at San Jose State University who has been in the field of social work for the past 3 years. I decided to be part of the team of elevate tutoring because I feel I could make a difference helping out the community. I believe that being part of this community would help me not only in the professional aspect but also help me build connections with people around me.


Karla Tran

Hi! My name is Karla Tran and I am a third year student at Santa Clara University studying Finance in the Leavey School of Business. I’m from San Jose, California, and I’m excited to tutor students in the East Bay! I joined Elevate Tutoring to give back to my community in hopes of inspiring my tutees in building a growth mindset learning new concepts in and out of the classroom. I aspire to support students in overcoming the diverse obstacles they encounter, aiming to empower each individual to pursue their unique paths to success.


Kimberly Herrera

In progress, please check again soon.


Laura Fierro

Hello, my name is Laura Fierro and I am a transfer student majoring in Psychology at UC Berkeley. I was born in Colombia and I moved here in 2019. As a first-generation college student I have experienced the challenges of navigating through a new educational system while learning a new language. Amazing people helped me through my adaptation journey by giving me support and motivation. I want to give back by helping students by giving them motivation and guiding them to break the many barriers that they face. More than an academic tutor I want to be someone who reflects trust and positivity. My favorite place to be is the beach and some of my favorite hobbies are walking and listening to podcasts.


Leo Duran Hinojosa

Hola, mi nombre es Leo y soy beneficiario de DACA nacido en México. As a DREAMer and math educator-to-be, my background is a source of strength and empathy in teaching. I connect with diverse students, bridging language and cultural barriers, and embody resilience and determination. My journey inspires students to see beyond limitations and embrace their potential in mathematics and beyond. I'm currently a Math major at UC Berkeley, where my enthusiasm for STEM education and my commitment to making math both accessible and enjoyable grows daily. My experiences at Berkeley have solidified my desire to teach, specifically in underrepresented communities. I understand the unique challenges that math can present and aim to transform those challenges into opportunities for growth and understanding. My goal is to not just prepare students for exams, but to inspire a lifelong interest in learning and problem-solving. As I work towards becoming a math teacher, I am eager to bring my knowledge and passion to students, helping them unlock their potential and foster a positive relationship with STEM subjects.


Marvin Peraza Morales

Hello! My name is Marvin Peraza, a dedicated student at San Jose State University and a first-generation scholar. This is my first year in college, majoring in Aviation and Technology and aspiring to soar to new heights as a professional airline pilot, envisioning a career at iconic airports like San Francisco International Airport or Los Angeles International Airport. Beyond the cockpit, I am fluent in both Spanish and English, serving as an Elevate Tutor and I joy guiding peers toward academic success. My interests extend to empowering immigrant students to unlock their full potential. As a way to give back to my immigrant community for all the opportunities and support I have been given, I joined the Elevate Tutor program. With a heart for dance, fitness, and fashion, I love exploring new and exciting places.


Megan Chu

Hi there! My name is Megan and I am a first year at UC Berkeley with no intended major yet. Some fun facts about me are that I love to cook for others and I love to garden. I wanted to join Elevate because I love helping people and I couldn’t think of a better way to do so than to tutor the students of my community! I have worked in an educational setting before and I have always enjoyed connecting with people through learning. Through Elevate, I hope to gain knowledge alongside sharing mines with others :)


Miguel Camarillo

Hi, my name is Miguel Camarillo, and I am a third-year student at San Jose State University majoring in Aerospace engineering. I was born in Mexico, but I lived most of my live in Watsonville California. I enjoy walking my dogs and learning new things on the computer such as coding and 3d modeling. My goal is to obtain a master’s and to end up working with rockets or robots. My motivation comes from me wanting to give back to my parents since they have done so much for me, and I want to make them proud. I decided to join Elevate because I felt that it would be a great way for me to give back to the community and to also gain more confidence when working with others. I want to share my knowledge and past experiences to students who have gone through the same.


Niklas Feil-Ho

Hello, my name is Niklas Feil-Haw, and I'm a senior at San Jose State University majoring in physics and philosophy with a minor in business. My academic journey has ignited a passion for understanding the world from both empirical and conceptual perspectives to foster positive change, contribute meaningfully to society, and inspire others to explore the boundless possibilities of knowledge. Believing in the transformative power of education, I was drawn to Elevate Tutoring, recognizing an opportunity to enrich the STEM education of middle and high school students. Beyond my studies, I'm motivated to be a source of encouragement for perseverance. By joining Elevate Tutoring, I strive to positively impact education, guiding students through STEM challenges and fostering a mindset that turns difficulties into opportunities for growth. As a tutor, I aspire to create an environment where learning not only imparts knowledge but also cultivates a passion for discovery and a resilient spirit.


Osni Sandoval

Hello, my name is Osni Sandoval, and I am currently a 4th-year student at the University of California, Berkeley, majoring in Architecture with a minor in Sustainable Design. I plan to start my career in Construction Management as a Field Engineer right after I graduate, and I plan to get my General Contractor License in the future to start my own company one day. I wanted to become a tutor with Elevate because I wanted to support students who are still learning English, as I also struggled when I first came to the United States. Joining Elevate has been a great experience because I can help students and make new friends at every school I tutor. I want college students to keep assisting the younger generation to be successful in the future, and we can all grow together.


Piero Miranda

Hola hola! I’m Piero Miranda from Peru. I’m a sophomore studying Applied and Computational Mathematics Concentration at SJSU. I love playing soccer. I’m a Barcelona fan! I love dancing, outdoor adventures, going to the gym, and drinking tea. Yerba mate is my favorite! I like technology because it can escalate education so that it reaches every corner of the world. I was involved in a tutoring program back home and I have seen the great impact education has on people. I joined Elevate Tutoring because I want to help in education and see a better world.


Samantha Castro

Hello, I'm Samantha Castro. Currently in my third year at the University of California, Berkeley, specializing in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research. Education holds profound significance in my life; it's the bedrock that shapes my journey. As a first-generation student originating from a low-income background, my pursuit of education is not just personal but also a commitment to inspire and impart knowledge to others. The opportunity that Elevate has bestowed upon me is a source of deep gratitude. Post-graduation, my dream is to step into the field as a Product Manager, with a heartfelt desire to contribute to education and mentorship, creating a meaningful impact on the paths of future students.


Susan Castillo

In progress, please check again soon.


Teresa Yu Kuang

Hi there! My name is Teresa Yu Kuang, and I’m excited to be a tutor at Elevate Tutoring. I am currently a sophomore at UC Berkeley and majoring in Data Science. As a first-generation student myself, I understand the unique challenges that come with navigating through higher education and hope to become a source of support for students in STEM education. Being a tutor has allowed me to meet a diverse group of students and guide them to develop their professional development in academics, and I hope to continue helping more students in the future as well.

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