Puzzle Hunt 2012: RERUN!
Date and Location: San Jose, CA on Saturday, September 29th, 2012 at 9am.

Team size: 3-5 people is optimal and preferred.

Game Options: The rerun of BANG 33 is being offered in the following forms:
Full-day game (identical to first run): Based on the first run, teams can expect to take 7-13 hours (depending on their experience level).
Half-day game: This option offers an experience that targets 4-7 hours. Some travel will be cut and a subset (more than half) of the original puzzles and activities will be presented to maximize fun over a shorter period of time. Teams can choose to start at 9am or 1pm.
Online version: The online version is intended to allow non-local teams an opportunity to participate. While a couple of puzzles will be presented differently, all puzzle mechanisms will stay intact. Online teams can start with the local teams or wait and solve later at their leisure.

What you should bring: Comfortable walking attire, sunscreen, water and emergency rain gear. Standard equipment includes paper, pens/pencils/highlighters, scissors, scotch tape, clipboards and flashlights. Internet access will help with some of the puzzles, but is not necessarily required.

Duration: Regardless of which version you sign up for, if you are concerned with the duration, you can take hints at your own pace to tailor the event to your liking.

Food: We will provide some snacks and drinks throughout the day and pizza at the finish. You will be expected to supplement accordingly.

Cost: As in the original, a donation of $100 is being requested per person for the full game. We are requesting individual donations of $60 for the half-day game and $30 for the online game. While we would love to maximize donations, we would like more to make sure that everyone who wants to play gets to play. So, if money is a concern, PLEASE contact us to discuss further. If you have the means and wish to donate more, we obviously welcome that as well. 85% of the requested amounts above (plus 100% of any additional donation amount) will be tax deductible.

Registration: For tax-deduction purposes, all individuals should register separately. If one person will be paying for multiple people (and taking the tax-deduction that comes with it) - then, it is fine to register as a group. Click here to register.

More questions: email bang33@elevatetutoring.org. There are no hidden puzzles on this page.